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Round trips on bicycle

The local bicycle trips are round trips, so you can start anywhere. 

Djursland on bicycle – trips & maps

The local bicycle trips lead through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Denmark. A brochure describing 15 round trips of varying length all over Djursland is available. The trips described in this brochure, "Djursland on bicycle - trips & maps", have references to experiences and where you can buy food and drink supplies along the way.

"Djursland on bicycle - tours and maps" is a two-piece folder printed on stone paper; a very tear-resistant and waterproof material. Further to this the folder comes in a plastic cover.

The brochure is available for 50 DKK at the tourist offices in Ebeltoft, Grenaa and Allingåbro.

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Kløverstierne on Djursland

Kløverstierne – the Clover Paths – is a nationwide path concept, consisting of marked and measured path routes in cities, towns and urban areas. The concept consists of four routes of different lengths and colour (green, blue, red, and black) starting from a central spot in the city. The majority of the routes offer both activities and attractions en route.

Naturally, Djursland also offers Clover paths, which are located in and around Grenaa, Ebeltoft and Kolind. Some of the routes are perfect for round trips on bicycle.



Grenaa – If you travel along Sort Rute – the Black Route (23 km), then stay alert! The route begins through the streets of the town, however shortly after turns into the special mountain bike track at Grenaa Idrætscenter. From here, the next 9,5 km follow a winding single track through the plantation Grenaa Plantage, where the track among other things passes 20 bridges and crossings.

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Ebeltoft – If you choose the route ”Langs Kysten” (7,9 km) you will come along the coast with salt meadows, swallow water, ancient entrenchments and peaceful views. A nice spot for overlooking Ebeltoft.

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Kolind – If you choose Landsbyruten – the Village Route (13,8 km), it will bring you as far as the old villages around Kolind. The path takes you through old stories about Ebdrup Church and a special protected grave site on Kraghøjvej. You will also pass Elløv Enge, Mårupvad and Svanebo on the way. The route consists of good roads, primarily gravel road, and is therefore suitable as a bicycle route. Remember to take a free brochure with you from the brochure-boxes, which are put up along the route.

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