Wildly impressive                                                      bicycle experiences on Djursland

Take a break

Have even more fun on your bicycle trip with a few well-earned breaks. You get extra energy, when you know that – around the next turn there is an ice cream stand, a café or a bench with a view to enjoy your packed lunch.

Djursland offers many interesting, spectacular and fun places to take a break.

Here you can get a sense of what awaits you in Djursland:

> Short distance to a wild selection of child-friendly experiences.
> Lots of nature gems with Mols Bjerge National Park as the absolute utmost.
> Child-friendly beaches – Grenaa Strand is among Jylland’s best beaches.
> Ebeltoft is a charming and unique mix of commercial town, harbour environment and beach life.
> 250 km varied coast with room for activities all year round.

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Break and picnic

Here are a few popular recommendations:
Kalø Slotsruin – Kalø Castle Ruins - stands at the gate to Mols Bjerge National Park. A stroll along the dam to the castle ruins is a stroll back to medieval times. Bring a snack – or get it from the ice cream kiosk, which offers a wide range of ice creams, coffee and more. The kiosk is located next to the car park.

In Mols Bjerge it is easy to find a peaceful spot e.g. at the kettle hole - Tinghulen. Located on the way between Knebel and Vistoft, Mols Kafferisteri tempts with freshly roasted coffee.

Jernhatten is an impressive hill crest. From the top, you get a beautiful view of Kattegat and the island Hjelm. Climb Jernhatten and explore Troldeskoven – the Troll Forest. At the foot of the hill, you can enjoy your picnic on the salt meadow.

Between the estate Katholm Gods and the village Høbjerg, you will cycle on one of the most charming narrow sunken roads – one of this country’s finest flanked by great old beech trees.

Bring your lunch basket to the easternmost point of Jutland; Fornæs Fyr and get a view of Anholt’s offshore wind farm. Enjoy your lunch on the benches on the salt meadow below the lighthouse.

At Bønnerup Havn you will find a cosy atmosphere among old fishermen’s houses, blue fishing boats and the active fishing port and marina. The harbour offers tables, benches and barbeque areas; a lovely place to take a break. The fishmonger tempts with warm fish-cakes.

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Djursland and Anholt have Blue Flags – divided between Blue Flag beaches, Blue Flag harbours and Blue Flag centres.

At a Blue Flag beach or harbour, you will experience high water quality, detailed information, good surrounding facilities and a focus on water safety.

Throughout the summer it is possible to participate in activities at the Blue Flag centres along the coasts and beaches, e.g. canoe trips, crabbing, skimming, snorkelling and much more. Check out the Blue Flag activity calendar and choose between Norddjurs or Syddjurs.

Our Blue Flag beaches: Anholt Vesterstrand, Boeslum Strand, Bønnerup Strand, Dråby Strand, Fjellerup Strand, Gjerrild Nordstrand, Grenaa Strand, Lyngsbæk-Femmøller Strand, Lystrup Strand, Rygårde Strand, Skovgårde Strand, Skødshoved Strand, St. Sjørup Strand and Vibæk Strand.
Our Blue Flag harbours: Bønnerup Lystbådehavn, Grenaa Marina, Nappedam Bådehavn and Udbyhøj Syd Lystbådehavn.

Find more information about Djursland’s beaches and coastlines.


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Natural reserves

Djursland has 250 km of coastline; a landscape with Mols Bjerge National Park and charming towns – just for you to explore. Few places can compete with this concentration of stunning glacially-carved landscape, beaches, charming villages, and a diverse and exceptional nature.

Djursland invites you to hunt for fossilised sea urchins beneath the steep limestone cliffs near Karlby and Sangstrup. The special inlet-atmosphere under a clear sky along Naturpark Randers Fjord. Hikes along the north coast or up to Agri Bavnehøj and Trehøje in Mols Bjerge National Park.

The national park gets its name from Mols Bjerge – the Hills on Mols – which is the most famous protected natural reserve in the park with a truly unique landscape – a natural place for nature experiences. Here you will find many marked paths, brand new bicycle tracks leading through Mols Bjerge and even an underwater trail.

There are challenges here for everyone; Agri Bavnehøj (137 m), Trehøje (127 m) and the beautiful Stabelhøje (135 m) tempt with their 360 degrees panoramic views.

Beaches and coastline attract you for bathing, angling, sailing, and diving trips.