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Turistinformation Fregatten Jylland                             Grenaa Turistkontor
S. A. Jensens Vej 2-4 · 8400 Ebeltoft                           Torvet 1 · 8500 Grenaa
Tel.: +45 8634 1400                                                     Tel.: +45 8758 1200

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Destination Djursland
Ny Lufthavnsvej 21 
· 8560  Kolind
Tel.: +45 8752 1800



Destination Djursland is a commercial foundation. The aim is to promote and develop tourism in Djursland and manage the overall coordination of marketing, guest service and product development of Djursland.

The theme portal for cycling in Djursland is part of the project "Djursland - growth through experiences" and is supported by the following:

Reservations are made with regard to changes or errors/deficiencies in deep links on the website. Unfortunately some of the sites which we link to, only exist in Danish.