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Things to do in Djursland

Djursland is unique. On the nose of Jutland – front row to Kattegat – you’ll find some of the wildest things, Denmark has to offer.

Djursland gives you time to be with your family and makes it easy to get close to all the good experiences. On Djursland, everything is in within reach. It doesn’t take much time to go from Denmark’s largest roller coaster in Djurs Sommerland to one of Djursland’s many delightful beaches. Nor is it a long trip from glass artwork at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft to wild polar bears in Skandinavisk Dyrepark. You could also visit Randers Regnskov, where you can meet iguanas, snakes and other tropical animals. In Ree Park Safari you’ll get close to everything from lions to llamas, and then there are all the exciting creatures from under the sea’s surface at Kattegatcentret – and the explosive canons on Fregatten Jylland, the world’s longest wooden ship. Not to mention the stories hidden in the museums at Gl. EstrupThe Green Museum and Herregårdsmuseet – and the stories which may just pop up after a walk or hike in Mols Bjerge National Park.

Djursland offers big and small nature experiences and cultural events throughout the year.

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Bring your bicycle and experience the nature on Djursland.

Many excellent nature experiences are accessible on bicycle.

Nature experiences on Djursland

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In the event calendar, you will find current cultural and music events on Djursland.


Cultural events on Djursland

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If you prefer more activities on your holiday, just follow the link below to find lots of activities for children and adults all over Djursland.