Wildly impressive                                                      bicycle experiences on Djursland

Signposted bicycle routes on Djursland

A detailed brochure of most of the bicycle routes can be obtained at the tourist office or downloaded from the websites of these boroughs; Norddjurs Kommune and Syddjurs Kommune. You may also consult the website of Dansk Cyklist Forbund – Danish Cyclists’ Union – for descriptions and download brochures of signposted bicycle routes.


It is quite an extraordinary experience to travel along Gjerrildbanestien. The path is level at all times, however the landscape around it is continuously changing. The path is cleared and functions as a hiking trail and bicycle path, and a part of the route is asphalted. In Ryomgaard, the path joins Kaløstien.

Public path of 45,4 km – Gjerrild to Allingåbro.

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This path passes the wide and even Ryom Ådal and crosses Saksvad Bæk at Skummelvad Bro. North of Kalø, the path continues across the dramatic terminal moraine and leads to one of the most impressive views over Djursland. From Rønde you continue down through Ringelmose Skov, and at Egens the path connects to Molsruten/Nordsøstien. Public/private path 14 km – from Ryomgård to Kalø Slotsruin – Kalø Castle Ruins.

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Lodsstien starts in Udbyhøj, crosses the fjord at the Voer-Mellerup ferry and continues into the harbour of in Randers. On the east side of the inlet, the path from Udbyhøj to Voer is 13 km. A trip along Lodsstien can be combined with a visit to Kyst- og Fjordcentret who arranges activities, where you can experience the nature in and around the inlet. Public/private path 31 km – from Udbyhøj to Randers.

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At Skærsøgaard, Molsruten leaves Nordsøstien and winds along Stubbe Sø and Ulstrup Bæk, past Ørnbjerg Mølle, further on to Kalø Slotsruin and the beech woods at Rønde, to finally end up in Aarhus. Public/private path approx. 41 km.

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Following Nordsøstien, you are travelling in the culture-footsteps of the coast. In Djursland, Nordsøstien follows the north coast from Udbyhøj to Grenaa and further to Ebeltoft, where it connects to the European long-distance route E1.

NB! Nordsøstien is a hiking path and – in some parts – not passable on bicycle. 

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Gravlevstien leads from Ebeltoft (Vibæk) to Gravlev along a closed-down section of the railway. The path passes close by Ree Park Safari and offers a glance at giraffes and other animals of the savannah. Just before Gravlev begins a signposted path to the lake Stubbe Sø. There you will find a bird observation tower at the eastern end of the lake. The route continues through a varied natural reserve: forest, meadow, lakes, and fields. On the way, you have a view of Kattegat and the island Hjelm.

Marked path, approx. 8 km, gravel path.

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